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Traditional and 19th century Scottish music played on Fiddle, Highland pipes and A/C Smallpipes. 


Mike Katz and Alasdair White have been playing together for almost 20 years, most notably as part of Scotland’s seminal Battlefield Band. In this time together they have, as a matter of habit, explored some of the more obscure, exciting and challenging corners of the Highland piping repertoire. Though both prolific composers in their own right, here they present traditional and collected music in its raw state. As complete as it can be. (Needs to be/ deserves to be)

We believe that part of the beauty and strength of traditional music is that one or two people playing a rich and complex melody together is as perfect an expression of their art form as there can be.

…my Profession brought me in contact with many of the most eminent performers of the present day: and hence, I had abundance of opportunities afforded me of hearing varied performances; from which sources I derived much information and matter for reflection, as to the best sets.”                 


- William Gunn, 12th September, 1848